How to make a Hermit/Troll out of clay

Ok, before we get down to the point, I haven’t been posting lately because I haven’t been crafting lately.

What you need:







O.P. Twine

How to make:

1.  Shape a mini vase out of clay.

2. Turn the vase upside down

3. Make a ball to go under the opening of the vase

4. Draw the facial details with you finger

5. Let dry

6. Paint (A few tips for you: Use 2 brushes 1 for painting small details and creases and 1 for painting big sections, if you are making a troll  then paint polka dots on the upside down vase A.K.A hat, but if you are making a hermit don’t go at all crazy, Make It Cute!)

7.Let dry

8.Mix the glue with water and cover your clay hermit/troll with the mixture

9. Let dry

O.P.10. Glue a piece of twine on the top of the troll’s hat.

11.Let dry


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