How to get added to Sqaishy’s Feather Friends​ Pond.

Do you like Minecraft? Is Sqaishy your favorite Minecraft Youtuber?

Whatever the case, this little card is sure to get you added.*

What you need:

1 sheet of paper

Colored writing tool ( I used Twistables)


Mini Duct tape rolls (I got mine at Dollar Tree, 3 for a dollar)

How to make it:

1.On your sheet of paper, in yellow write: Sqaishy’s feather adventures, with a big gap in between Sqaishey’s and feather adventures.

2. Draw a picture of Sqaishy in the gap.


4. With the Mini Duct tape, tape the feather on Sqaishy’s card.

5. Send it in to Sqaishey, and maybe she will add you to her feather friends pond!

*This will not work for Stampy. I might have another post about the same thing but Stampy.

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