How to make a Hermit/Troll out of clay

Ok, before we get down to the point, I haven’t been posting lately because I haven’t been crafting lately.

What you need:







O.P. Twine

How to make:

1.  Shape a mini vase out of clay.

2. Turn the vase upside down

3. Make a ball to go under the opening of the vase

4. Draw the facial details with you finger

5. Let dry

6. Paint (A few tips for you: Use 2 brushes 1 for painting small details and creases and 1 for painting big sections, if you are making a troll  then paint polka dots on the upside down vase A.K.A hat, but if you are making a hermit don’t go at all crazy, Make It Cute!)

7.Let dry

8.Mix the glue with water and cover your clay hermit/troll with the mixture

9. Let dry

O.P.10. Glue a piece of twine on the top of the troll’s hat.

11.Let dry


Coconut Crafts

  1. Coconut Cuties

What you need:


Paint Brushes.

Cup Full Of Water.


How to make:

  1. Paint a silly face on the coconut (here are some ideas: Monkey, clown, you.)
  2. Let dry.

2. Coconut pyramid

What you need:

At Least 3 Coconuts.


  1. Glue your coconuts together in a shape of a pyramid
  2. Let dry.

Bye! :d


Coconut Cutie

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How to get added to Sqaishy’s Feather Friends​ Pond.

Do you like Minecraft? Is Sqaishy your favorite Minecraft Youtuber?

Whatever the case, this little card is sure to get you added.*

What you need:

1 sheet of paper

Colored writing tool ( I used Twistables)


Mini Duct tape rolls (I got mine at Dollar Tree, 3 for a dollar)

How to make it:

1.On your sheet of paper, in yellow write: Sqaishy’s feather adventures, with a big gap in between Sqaishey’s and feather adventures.

2. Draw a picture of Sqaishy in the gap.


4. With the Mini Duct tape, tape the feather on Sqaishy’s card.

5. Send it in to Sqaishey, and maybe she will add you to her feather friends pond!

*This will not work for Stampy. I might have another post about the same thing but Stampy.

Superhero Masks.

Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Halloween is the next big holiday, and superheroes are a very popular.

If you are being a superhero for Halloween, then you gotta have these masks!

What you need:



Colored writing tool

Hole punch

Elastic string


How to:

1.Draw the masks. I drew one that looked like 2 hockey sticks with Darth Vader’s head  coming out from in between them, 1 that looked like a rectangle with pointed sides, and another that looked like a Longhorn skull with 2 silhouette faces coming out each side.

2. Cut them out

3. Punch holes in them for the string to go thru.

4. Put the string thru the holes.

5.Color them in!

6. Wear!

Here are my masks!

mask universe

Bee Happy!

This little picture frame will sting your mind!

What you need:


Colored foam


Black Sharpies

How to make:

  1. Cut out 4 rectangles of brown foam and glue them together.
  2. Cut 1 circle out of yellow foam.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Draw stripes and a  smiley face with the black Sharpie
  5. Cut out 2 teardroped shaped “wings” and draw the wing details with the black Sharpie
  6. Glue the wings onto the bee.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Glue the bee to the picture frame.
  9. Let dry.